The Portugese decriminalization model and dissuasion commitees

Nuno Capaz, sosiologist, Dissuasion Committee of Lisboa, Portugese Ministry of Health

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized the usage of all drugs, and diverted drug users from the judicial / criminal system to the health care system.

Nuno Capaz has been working for the Portuguese Ministry of Health’s Dissuasion Commissions since they were created in 2001. These boards were created to apply Portugal’s decriminalization law. As such, he is a member of an interdisciplinary team that evaluates drug users. He has also been in charge of correspondence with foreign delegations seeking information and research about the Portuguese model for drug policy.

In his presentation, he’ll cover the Portugese decriminalization model and the dissuasion commitees central to its functioning.

Capazin luento lauantaina klo 14:00.

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