Kansainvälinen paneeli: Towards a more responsible drug policy

International drug policy seem to be gearing towards a major shift in drug policy. Currently, many countries are implementing or looking into the decriminalization of drug use, drug checking and consumption room services and legal regulation of drugs. Simultaneously, the drug war with its shocking death tolls is simultaneously being fought in countries like Mexico and the Philippines. With each passing day, the need for change is more evident—but how can that change be implemented in a way that covers the perspectives of public health, individual freedom and sustainable economy?

Our international speakers will be joined by Aarne Kinnunen, Deputy Director of the Department of Criminal Policy in the Ministry of Justice of Finland, for a fruitful discussion on these topics.

Panel on Sunday at 16:30.

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Anne-Marie Cockburn, Author and Campaigner

Originally from Scotland, Anne-Marie Cockburn now lives in Oxford. Her book, 5742 Days documents the first 102 days beyond the death of her only child, Martha Fernback (age 15). Since losing Martha, Anne-Marie has tirelessly campaigned with anyoneschild.org, an international group of families whose lives have been blighted by the current drug laws. In her own words “I want all drugs to be legally regulated as no substance is made safer by leaving it unregulated on the black market. I don’t want anyone else to get the phonecall I got, therefore I tell my story in order to raise awareness and push for change”.

Anne-Marie’s presentation on Sunday at 14:30.

Carl-Erik Grimstad, Member of parliament, Venstre/Liberal Party of Norway, Member of the standing Committee on Health and Care Services

Carl-Erik is a member of the Norwegian parliament for Venstre. As a member of the standing Committee on Health and Care Services, he is central in working with the upcoming new drug policy. In January last year Venstre became a member of the Norwegian government. One of the biggest policy changes was in drug treatment and decriminalisation. Many Venstre-propositions that has been voted down in parliament the last years is now the policy of the Norwegian government.

Carl-Erik’s presentation on Saturday at 11:40.

Nuno Capaz, sosiologist, Dissuasion Committee of Lisboa, Portugese Ministry of Health

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized the usage of all drugs, and diverted drug users from the judicial / criminal system to the health care system.

Nuno Capaz has been working for the Portuguese Ministry of Health’s Dissuasion Commissions since they were created in 2001. These boards were created to apply Portugal’s decriminalization law. As such, he is a member of an interdisciplinary team that evaluates drug users. He has also been in charge of correspondence with foreign delegations seeking information and research about the Portuguese model for drug policy.

Nuno’s presentation on Saturday at 14:00.

Neil Woods, former undercover drugs operative and Detective Sergeant, 
Chairman of Law Enforcement Action Partnership UK

Neil Woods is a former Detective Sergeant and undercover operative, and is now Chairman of LEAP UK, and a board member of LEAP in the USA. LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership) is a U.N. acredited international organisation composed of law enforcement figures, military and policy influencers who campaign for evidence based drug policy. Having spent 23 years in Derbyshire Constabulary, Neil was on the frontlines as a drugs undercover operative over fourteen years. He also developed tactics and the training for other undercover officers. He later became a Detective Sergeant with Derbyshire CID whilst acting as a board member of the Drugs Expert Witness and Valuation Association (DEWVA). Neil is a regular in the media, discussing drugs and drug policy, and the author of Good Cop, Bad War, and Drug Wars together with JS Rafaeli.

Neil’s presentation on Sunday at 10:35.

Aarne Kinnunen, Deputy Director of the Department of Criminal Policy in the Ministry of Justice of Finland

Aarne Kinnunen is a Deputy Director of the Department of Criminal Policy in the Ministry of Justice of Finland. His main responsibilities are anti-corruption and crime prevention work including the development of drug policies. Before his career in the Ministry, he has been working as a researcher in a field of criminology and drug policy. He is holding a PhD in Social Sciences and he has been nominated as an Adjunct Professor to the University of Eastern Finland. He has been researching the change of drug markets and drug policy in Finland since 1990’s.

Host of the panel: Teivo Teivainen, professor of world politics

Teivo Teivainen is professor of world politics at University of Helsinki. He studies, among other things, global political economy and freedom. He has recently started a research project on the cannabis laws of Uruguay. He has been a visiting professor in various South and North American universities, most recently in State University of Rio de Janeiro.