Norway's new drug policy – a clean break with an old regime

Carl-Erik Grimstad, Member of parliament, Venstre/Liberal Party of Norway, Member of the standing Committee on Health and Care Services

“After decades of punishing people with addiction, Norway will commit to a new approach – a better one. Our government will pursue a knowledge-based policy on illicit substances, aiming to prevent, reduce, and limit the harmful effects of illicit substance use. Both for people with addiction and dependency problems, and those at risk of developing such problems, criminal prosecution can consolidate and reinforce the problem. Our government will therefore help, not punish, those who have – or are at risk of developing – problems related to illicit substance use.”

Carl-Erik is a member of the Norwegian parliament for Venstre. As a member of the standing Committee on Health and Care Services, he is central in working with the upcoming new drug policy. In January last year Venstre became a member of the Norwegian government. One of the biggest policy changes was in drug treatment and decriminalisation. Many Venstre-propositions that has been voted down in parliament the last years is now the policy of the Norwegian government.

Grimstadin luento lauantaina klo 11:40.

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