Why I want to legally regulate the drugs that killed my only child

Anne-Marie Cockburn, Author and Campaigner

“On the 20th July, 2013, I received the phone call that no parent wants to get. The voice said that my 15-year-old daughter was gravely ill and they were trying to save her life. On that beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, Martha had swallowed half a gram of MDMA powder (more widely known as ecstasy) that turned out to be 91% pure. Within two hours of taking it, Martha died of an accidental ecstasy overdose. She was my only child.”

Originally from Scotland, Anne-Marie Cockburn now lives in Oxford. Her book, 5742 Days documents the first 102 days beyond the death of her only child, Martha Fernback (age 15). Since losing Martha, Anne-Marie has tirelessly campaigned with Anyone’s Child, an international group of families whose lives have been blighted by the current drug laws. In her own words “I want all drugs to be legally regulated as no substance is made safer by leaving it unregulated on the black market. I don’t want anyone else to get the phonecall I got, therefore I tell my story in order to raise awareness and push for change”.

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